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After 27 years in Sema then SchlumbergerSema then Atos in various positions including Global Telecom, Global Finance, Global Systems Integration and Global Consulting, I am today the advisor of Atos CEO helping him to form the vision of what will be our world in 5 years from now. (More to be found on ).To help me in this task we have formed in June 2009 a 100 + members Scientific Community where the best engineers of Atos have built together their vision which we have called “Journey 2016-Enterprises without boundaries” available on Atos site (as well as 20 + white papers.)

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Sustainability and Digital Revolution: A Winning Combination

Atos - Sustainability and Digital Revolution: A Winning CombinationSustainability has been a hot topic for a many years. It is increasingly evident that the supply of raw materials is limited and the way we use them can have significant knock on effect on the world around us: Traditional energy sources are getting more expensive as fossil fuel supplies become less certain; climate change and related natural disasters have global impact; and the scarcity of some raw materials is demanding new approaches to manufacturing. In response, many governments and companies are deploying comprehensive and demanding sustainability policies.

So what’s new? - The big news relates to the digitalization of the economy through the application of technologies sometimes referred to as SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud). In Atos we also call it the “Third Digital Revolution”. Let’s see how this revolution links to and impacts sustainability, but first let’s have … Continue reading ...

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12 years of amazing technology changes

Atos - 12 years of amazing technology changesSince 2002 Atos has had the honor to be the Worldwide Information Technology Partner of the International Olympic Committee. During this period IT has evolved at an incredible pace: smartphones, non-existent in 2002, have passed the 2bn mark in 2013. More than 1.5 Bn of us are using social networks (Facebook, Twitter). 800 000 applications are now helping each of us in every aspect of our life and their simplicity of use has rendered the user manual obsolete. These applications are either free or cost a few euros, making them accessible to each of us. Finally, the time when we had to connect our phone to a PC for updating our agenda or safeguarding our personal data is over: the delivery of the service and the storing of the data are done over the air in the cloud.

We now … Continue reading ...

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Can ‘multi-sided markets’ provide the basis for a new economy?

In its recent research, Ascent Journey 2016, the Atos Scientific Community considers the emergence of a Data Economy and the championing of Multi-sided market platforms as a powerful disruption of traditional business models. These will benefit both businesses and consumers and ultimately blur the distinction between b2b and b2c.

Atos - Can ‘multi-sided markets’ provide the basis for a new economy?In a traditional marketplace there is a seller and a buyer. The seller discloses a price for a product or service, the buyer decides if they think it is worth it and decides to purchase, or not.

However, this traditional model is not the only model anymore. Traditional differences between buyer and seller are disappearing. The internet and Web 2.0 in particular, have changed the market. ‘Sellers’ offer products without necessarily expecting financial compensation, ‘buyers’ can opt to pay with information instead of money. Companies such as Google and Facebook … Continue reading ...

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Achieving a zero email culture: is bureaucracy a showstopper ?

As pointed out in my recent blog ”The Grail Quest for Social Organization”, zero mail is not an objective in itself but the recognition that companies are suffering from email overload.While the use of social media has become common place in the consumer space at the expense of email usage, the enterprise is still struggling to come to terms with the unstructured nature of these platforms.

"No Mail Please", copyrights of picture reserved by Mr. Fisserman

In the last weeks many bloggers have commented on Thierry Breton’s repeated announcements on Zero Mail and I am glad to see the industry is adding to the debate. We need this debate to continue to help improve the working environment and reduce data pollution.  

In his post ” Why will “zero Email” policies fail? Bureaucracy?”  Brian Prentice from Gartner concludes : “Email doesn’t erode productivity and encroaches work into our Continue reading ...


The Grail Quest for Social Organization

Social organization, the other name for Enterprise 2.0, is now on every CEO and CIO’s agenda. Early November in Barcelona, Gartner decided that time has come to recommend putting communities at the center of new enterprise management “to tap the collective genius of your customers and employees” We all have in mind the WSJ disruptive article of Gary Hamel: “The Facebook generation vs the Fortune 500”.In the 12 principles proposed to characterize the new management we find all the ingredients of what makes a community active and effective. After two years of successful cooperation in our Atos Scientific Community we have a pretty good view of best practices in a 90 members strong community.

Fotography - H. Koppdelaney  The Holy Grail

The “Social Organization” by Anthony Bradley and Mark Mc Donald is going one step further in proposing an approach to prepare enterprises for “mass collaboration” … Continue reading ...

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