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Economy of Internet Applications

After shared usage of systems (full use of capacity) and applications (multi-tenancy) the next challenge seems to be cross sector usage.

For sure different business will have different applications and data, but most companies don’t use the entire value of their data. The core is well structured and extensively used. Driven by the success of mobile devices and new systems handling the context data (like CBP) a lot of ‘derived’ data beside the core data is created that is might be of value for other business. In case this derived data is used transparent for consumer interests and other business interests it is of great value for both.

But be careful about the user data privacy and keep the consumers informed about the value of the data collected!

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Hermann Gouverneur

Chief Technology Officer and member of the Atos Scientific Community. Hermann has more than 20 years of IT experience focusing the sectors finance, telecommunication and retail. He has the passion to bridge the gap between the ever faster changing business requirements and fast adopting new technologies. Hermann has been in several leading positions, helping customers to grow business via the internet by providing strategic consulting in IT technology. He is an ambassador of business enabling IT and holds a master in computer science and economy.