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Wellbeing at Work – Beyond Measurement?

Wellbeing at Work – Beyond Measurement?How can we measure wellbeing and happiness at work? Whilst we can all agree that a happy and healthy workforce is invariably more productive, most companies still feel uncomfortable tackling intangible ‘body and mind’ issues, preferring to focus only on tangible facts and performance figures instead.

In my last blog Introducing the Kindness Performance Indicator (KiPI), I questioned whether organizations are measuring the right indicators for business success, as the human side of company operations is often overshadowed by financial and productivity metrics.

From factory thinking to conscious business

Having the right skills and expertise is vital to perform a job well and, for most managers, makes task and man management a straightforward process. If a person has the right skills for the job, the task to be performed can be started immediately and productivity can be translated directly … Continue reading ...

Smart Dashboard – The Business Enabler (2/3)

Atos - Smart Dashboard The Business EnablerEvery company function faces the challenge of using many different applications to perform either their job, either their side-job activities, as developed by Sven Geerts here. The tooling landscape became more complex in the last decade as every company department developed new applications to ease their processes.

In the long-run, this complexity has side-effects and sometimes opposite effects: frustration, boredom, loss of focus and waste of time. These are due to multiple facts: the understanding of the use of every tool is not clear; the assumption that these tools are user-friendly hints that training is not needed; the need to login multiple times and sometimes with different credentials which cause waste of time and loss of concentration for the end-user; etc.

As a member of the Juniors Group (Atos international young talents’ group), and of the Global Procurement organization … Continue reading ...

Helix Nebula: a brief introduction to the European ‘Science Cloud’

Atos -  Helix Nebula a brief introduction to the European Science CloudWhat do DNA sequencing, volcanic eruptions and search for the Higgs boson particle have in common? As well as being cutting-edge science, each project requires huge amounts of computing power to process and store the vast volumes of research data being generated.

As with the business sector, many organizations in the scientific research community are clamouring to take advantage of the benefits associated with cloud computing. However, the market lacked a platform that was truly suitable for their needs: with the community demanding huge computational power, interoperability with their own environments, as well as the highest levels of data protection in compliance with the privacy regulations across member states of the EU.

Scientific Demand

From this demand, the Helix Nebula platform was born. Known as the Science Cloud, the project is a partnership between leading IT providers – including Atos, … Continue reading ...

Next Generation Passenger Information

Atos - Next Generation Passenger InformationWhen talking about innovation with customers I sometimes quote the legendary author William Gibson (known for coining the term “cyberspace”), who once said:

“The future is already here, it’s just not very evenly distributed.”

In my view innovation is not just about inventing, it is also about distributing. And often it is the latter that takes the longest, is the hardest to achieve and requires the production of something at a price point and level of quality that enables it to be widely adopted.

As an example, Microsoft released the Surface table in 2008, and it was a magnificent feat of engineering, as described here by Jeff Atwood:

“The Surface table was actually…kind of amazing. I’ve only ever seen one, in the lobby of a Seattle hotel in 2008. I went in sceptical, but when I actually got

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How digital transformation can grow your top line revenue

Atos - How digital transformation can grow your topline revenueFor years companies have been focused on the promise of cloud reducing costs and moving IT spending to an OPEX model. However, organisations need to rapidly turn their attention to how cloud can support top line revenue growth as part of their digital transformation strategy.

Customer demands are changing. They want to increasingly bank via their smartphones and shop online with rapid pick-up in-store options. Clearly there is still a need for the high street but consumers expect responsive, reliable websites that will serve their needs, suggest relevant promotions and offer great customer service. If customers enjoy their experience and it’s effortless, they will spend more, recommend your brand more, and become your advocate on social media.

Canopy recently spoke to almost 1,000 CFOs, CIOs and Business Decision Makers in mid-market and large enterprises, 59% of which were listed companies, … Continue reading ...