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Not only for museums: Digital Preservation makes business sense

Sometimes, when I comment to my colleagues about my interest in Digital Preservation, I get a condescending look, and I imagine them thinking: “Oh, here is another museum lover, worried about their grand-grand-grandsons getting his selfies” (Well, they’re almost right: I love museums, I worry about my digital heritage, but no, I don’t do selfies). And I feel sad, because I think that Digital Preservation is an important topic that receives less attention than it should get, and also that Digital Preservation can have interesting business value.

One of the best illustrations of the value of Digital Preservation comes from what, in my opinion, is one of the nicest cases of Science of Tech in 2014, the ISEE-3 Reboot Project (If you don’t know about it, go right now to this fantastic multimedia about it. We’ll wait, I promise.) Truly, … Continue reading ...

How Project Governance has benefited my projects and how it can help yours too

Atos - How Project Governance has benefited my projects and how it can help yours tooI have been working on Manufacturing Execution System (MES) projects for three years. Each project is unique and has to be managed differently depending on the goals of the customer, its company culture, and the structure of the project. Beyond project management methodology, I have noticed that some best practices could easily drive complex manufacturing projects to a successful implementation.

I have worked on many MES projects, some which have spanned multiple manufacturing plants and required multiple business teams working together. It just so happened that one of these projects experienced high project management turnover from the customer side. Project Managers are the link between the strategy set forth from the business and team; which meant each time the customer’s new project manager stepped up to the plate, with their own idea for which development methodology to use, importance of … Continue reading ...

A Summer full of events – what can businesses learn from it? – Part 2

Atos - A Summer full of events – what can businesses learn from it? - Part 2A Summer full of events – what can businesses learn from it?

This summer is full of events, and we will be examining how technology is transforming the major sports events, providing insights and learnings for any other business.

Insight 2: Becoming digital – the human firewall

The importance of cybersecurity is no secret to anyone who’s opened a newspaper or attended a board meeting. More and more business value and personal information worldwide are rapidly migrating into digital form on open and globally interconnected technology platforms. As that happens, the risks from cyber-attacks become increasingly daunting.

For multi-sport events that is no different. In common with any modern enterprise, major sport events have to face these challenges but, perhaps more unusually, also whilst working to an immoveable deadline and under a media spotlight that would be very attractive for … Continue reading ...

A Summer full of events. What can businesses learn from it? – Part 1

4 business technology insights

Atos - A Summer full of events. What can businesses learn from it?2014 is yet another busy year of sport with some big multi-sport events! Where the year kicked-off with the Sochi 2014 Olympic & Paralympic Winter Games, it was followed by a thrilling World Cup, the Commonwealth Games have just started and the Youth Olympic Games as well as the Asian Games are coming up later this summer.

But what can we all learn from these events?

There are some business projects that are large, complex, and critical to the continued success of an organization. And then there are those multi-sport events and the technology underpinning it. It is not only massive, incredibly complex and vital to the success of the events; it also has a fixed deadline and the event must be beamed to the world within half a second. No pressure, then. .

Yet, events … Continue reading ...

Does IT still stand for ‘Information Technology’?”

Atos - Why CIOs loose the Right on their "I" and SAP HANA is selling wellWe are facing a series of technology disruptions in IT and I mean the usual suspects of Big Data, Enterprise Mobility, Software Defined Networking and autonomous systems.

These developments are driven by technology vendors – the Googles, Facebooks of this world as well as several product vendors, e.g. Apple. And they go hand-in-hand with disruptions in business models which – in case they succeed – fuel further technology developments by the sheer amounts of capital.

I see many opportunities going along with disruptive technologies but something really worries me in this environment: the knowledge gap between the internal IT departments of large corporations (managing Foundation IT as a support function with a focus on Stability and Cost) and the Business Units (using State of the Art IT to change business models to stay competitive) is growing faster every quarter – … Continue reading ...