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In the future everything will be Connected

Atos - In the future everything will be Connected

“Our society is on the cusp of a seismic change, one where in three hundred years’ time our great, great, great, grandchildren will look back on our Age and view it in the same way that we view the Stone Age.”

Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius, by combining his observations of the laws of nature with his passion for mechanical invention he managed to conceive early versions of the plane, the helicopter, the parachute, the machine gun, the tank, the car and the diving suit but while the internet was still 500 years in the future he already saw nature’s own internet at work, famously pronouncing that “Everything connects to Everything”. Over five hundred years later and his reflection will be more prophetic than even he, or us, could ever imagine.

Humanities ability to invent and explore is only … Continue reading ...

Generation Gaming

Atos - Generation GamingI never imagined that you would be able to earn $1m just PLAYING games, but Zhihhao Chen has.

I never imagined that you would be able to earn £1m a day just from transactional games revenue, but King has for Candy Crush.

I never imagined that 32 million people would watch a live computer game tournament, but they have for League of Legends.

I never thought that gaming could have a big impact on enterprise business, but I believe it can.

But then I’m biased.

I admit it. It’s my guilty pleasure. Computer Games.

It’s just changed unrecognisably since I started in the late 1970’s with Pong on the Atari, moving in 1980 to Space Invaders arcade machines and text based adventures on the Tandy TRS-80 and a stream of others as games developed throughout that decade.

Many years later, … Continue reading ...

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Powering performance at Glasgow 2014

Atos Powering Progress Commonwealth Games 2014The Commonwealth Games is one of the biggest stages in the sporting calendar. As the sporting stars pushed themselves forward for gold this summer, there was just as heroic a team behind the scenes working to ensure the Games truly captured the world’s attention as 1.5 billion people tuned in.

Transformative technology has the power to bring our experience of sport to the next level whether that’s as athletes, officials, spectators, volunteers or media reporting on the events. And, with Glasgow 2014 thrust firmly into the world’s spotlight, we knew the systems that we were providing as an Official Supporter would be critical to the event’s success.

Getting out of the starting blocks

In this digital era, never before has there been so much information to process. This is especially true at the Commonwealth Games, given the sheer amount of … Continue reading ...

Why do companies squander (sales) potential by ignoring the power of mobile devices

Atos - Why do companies squander (Sales) potential by ignoring the power of mobile devicesIntroduction

Sales figures of mobile devices have increased with an incredible speed over the past few years. No matter whether for business or private purposes – most people use a minimum of two devices several times per day. Smartphones and tablets make our daily lives a lot easier: We rely on them so often that we forget how we managed to schedule appointments or share pictures only a few years ago. However, despite the diffusion and acceptance of mobile devices among great parts of the world’s population, the potential coming along with the efficient use of mobile devices is rarely used in the business environment.

Various studies confirm that these devices have a lot of potential to be exploited in a business environment. Mobile device usage is becoming increasingly important for enterprises to differentiate themselves from their competition, reduce costs … Continue reading ...

A “Smart Dashboard” to improve both my efficiency at work and my work-life balance (1/3)

Atos - A “Smart Dashboard” to improve both my efficiency at work and my work-life balanceEach and every one of us is “connected” in their day-to-day life, connected to our mailbox, connected to social media. We sometimes forget our business is working with people, but we always remember that it’s supported by software applications. Many different applications support my day-to-day activities. However, these “supporting” applications don’t always make my life easier but always make it easier to forget about my real business, people.

We can all remember, not so long ago, the time before Self Service Portals. The wide variety of tedious manual processes started by selecting the correct form, printing it before filling it in manually or filling it before printing it.  This was later improved by a computer supported process, followed by web interfaces. The next step of the process is where we’re at now, an integrated portal, only requiring us to sign … Continue reading ...