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Does IT still stand for ‘Information Technology’?”

Atos - Why CIOs loose the Right on their "I" and SAP HANA is selling wellWe are facing a series of technology disruptions in IT and I mean the usual suspects of Big Data, Enterprise Mobility, Software Defined Networking and autonomous systems.

These developments are driven by technology vendors – the Googles, Facebooks of this world as well as several product vendors, e.g. Apple. And they go hand-in-hand with disruptions in business models which – in case they succeed – fuel further technology developments by the sheer amounts of capital.

I see many opportunities going along with disruptive technologies but something really worries me in this environment: the knowledge gap between the internal IT departments of large corporations (managing Foundation IT as a support function with a focus on Stability and Cost) and the Business Units (using State of the Art IT to change business models to stay competitive) is growing faster every quarter – … Continue reading ...

Is the Enterprise PC dead or has it just gotten “cooler” with the Ultrabooks?

Atos - Is the Enterprise PC dead or has it just gotten “cooler” with the Ultrabooks?In the broad sense, personal computer isn’t dead by any means, it’s just been evolving for a long time. Worldwide PC (in-use) sales per 1,000 people has jumped from 19 in 1990 to 217 in 2011 and predicted to increase to 293 PCs/1000 people by 2015.  While worldwide revenues have grown from $71B in 1990 to $1,415B in 2010 and expectations of $2,165B in 2015 and $2,520B by 2020.

PC usage in large enterprises has evolved too although a bit slower to adopt new technologies in the past few years. Change, especially in the world of Enterprise Information Technology is constant. And you know, change is what most people dislike. Users have to continuously learn about the new technologies, business units need to plan for deployments and this all comes with the promise of lower operating costs in the enterprise.  … Continue reading ...

Introducing energy efficient benefits while defining your network

Atos - Introducing energy efficient benefits while defining your networkLast week I was having a very interesting conversation with a colleague related to a previous blog post of mine around energy efficient coding and I thought perhaps it was time to revisit, but on a slightly different angle. How can we look at using Software Defined Network to improve energy utilisation in our network and data centre? In a similar way to improving programs by making sure they are as efficient as possible, or a serverfarm by maximising resources, we can also use SDN to ensure our network is running as efficiently as possible.

In a traditional network each device will sit there using power, with the consumption varying a bit as load comes and goes, regardless of if it is taking an active part in the flow of traffic. A typical top of rack switch is measured in … Continue reading ...

Emotional Computing

Co-authored with Adrian Drury, Consulting Director & Practice Leader of IT, Media & Telecoms at Ovum Consulting.

Wearable technology and emotional computing: new opportunities for dynamic narratives and media measurement.

Atos - Emotional Computing2014 is seeing the further development of a new category of web connected wearable computers and personal sensors. These are enabling the development of a range of services based on measurement of physiological indicators to take quantification and resulting management of health and wellbeing to a new level.

However devices that can measure changes in physiological indicators, such as heart rate, body temperature, pupil dilation or galvanic skin response (GSR – the conductance of the skin affected by sweat production) can be used to measure response to environmental stimuli. In the same way that a tweet can be correlated to a specific location and hence a text based … Continue reading ...

My IT Challenge Fantasy

Atos - My IT Challenge FantasyThe Awards Ceremony for the 3rd Atos IT Challenge took place in Paris on Tuesday 17th June. The competition invites student teams from universities around the world to develop applications to meet a specific theme. The topic this year was the creation of a mobile App for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio which will be held in two years’ time.

I was fortunate enough to be the Atos Scientific Community coach for the Chocobo team from Loughborough University in the UK. Chocobo is a character in the game Final Fantasy and the team chose this name as they had decided to create a fantasy athletics application. Out of over 40 submissions which made the first cut, then down to a final 10 teams which presented their application to a jury, Team Chocobo received a well earned 3rd place … Continue reading ...