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The business impact of a healthier workforce

Atos - The business impact of a healthier workforceSo far in my Healthy Workforce (Health@work) series, we’ve looked at why it’s important to establish a healthier and happier workforce, and top tips to optimise home working. But how do you actually measure the wellbeing of your staff?

Quantifying the cost of absence

At a basic level, you can measure your staff’s happiness by looking at your financial bottom line, but is this really the only measure?

It has been found that successful businesses rely on their employees being happy, healthy in mind and body, and engaged in their jobs. But anxiety and stress are major contributors to sickness absence in the UK.

However, a major cost which is sometimes not fully quantified by organisations is sickness absence. PwC estimates that the average worker in the UK takes 9.1 days sick days a year (compared to 7.3 … Continue reading ...

Where to use and start DevOps: A Pace Driven Approach

Atos- Where to use and start DevOps: A Pace Driven ApproachDevOps, we’ve all heard about it (and if not, you probably should ;)). One of the questions I bump into on a daily basis is “Where do I apply DevOps” or “Where do I start in my organization using DevOps?”. For these questions there is no one size fits all answer. In this blog post I am going to address one of the possible options as to where DevOps or better BizDevOps can bring value to an organization.

First, from my vision (and this is something I think is the essence of DevOps) DevOps is about optimizing the complete value chain of product or service delivery. From the people keeping the system alive (also known as “ops”), the creative people developing new releases of the software (aka “dev”) and the people who know the business domain: the Business. To deliver … Continue reading ...

The technology of the future workplace – wireless, effortless and secure

Atos- The technology of the future workplace – wireless, effortless and secure

Imagine walking into a meeting room, a wireless display with facial recognition software scans your features and lights up as you approach, connecting instantly to your own devices and automatically loading your prepared documents to start the meeting. Meanwhile, all your mobile devices are wirelessly charging as you set them on the conference room table and at voice command your presentation is shared with all attendees – some of whom are present in the room, others are logged in remotely.

It sounds like a scene from a futuristic movie, but actually it’s not that far from reality.

In my previous post I spoke about the benefits of immersive collaboration and getting started. Now, I’d like to take a deeper dive into the wire-free future workplace.

Work it like Star Trek

Though not the only kind of technology required for immersive … Continue reading ...

Semantic: The next good thing you do with data

Atos - Semantic: The next good thing you do with dataIn a recent article[1], Gartner master data management (MDM) expert Andrew White asked the question “Why MDM might be the last good thing you do with data”, and explained that “we need to focus less on data and application integration, and less on API design, and focus first more on semantic exposure for interoperability. Once we have a shared language, the effort and methods of data exchange between hubs and applications will become simpler”.

One goal of Semantic and Linked Data technologies, as presented in the recent Atos analysis “Journey 2018”, is to provide such shared language and methods to expose the semantic of data and reduce data exchange burden. As it becomes more and more mature, these technologies might be a credible alternative to standard MDM approaches.

Let’s take a very simple example where we need … Continue reading ...

Sustainability: it’s a great platform for economic growth

Atos - Sustainability: it’s a great platform for economic growthThe select and pioneering Global Green Growth Forum – or 3GF – met in Copenhagen a few months ago.

Select, because each guest was chosen for his or her potential contribution, and personally invited by the Danish Prime Minister. Pioneering, because the Forum was convened to address some of the most fundamental questions of our time: how will we live our lives, where will we live, and what will we live on as we struggle with the twin challenges of a green and growing economy?

Atos was there, in recognition of its innovative approach to sustainability – and symbolic perhaps of a holistic, digitally powered sustainability agenda that is now appearing in global board rooms, and promises to deliver the green and growth holy grail that some have feared is unachievable.

For what is clear from the Forum’s deliberations, and … Continue reading ...