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Introducing the 3rd Digital Revolution

Atos Introducing the 3rd Digital RevolutionSo 2 years have passed and the Atos Scientific Community has extended its horizons to 2018 with its latest research Ascent Journey 2018, The 3rd Digital Revolution, Agility and Fragility. Rather than change our view of an emerging world coming to terms with economic, globalization and demographic change, previously fuzzy topics have now come into sharper focus. 2018 offers a world of smartphones, users of social networks and connected objects all in the billions. The 3rd Digital Revolution will come from the convergence of previously unimagined capabilities to represent information and the technology to compute information.

As the oil based economy and financial growth fuelled the 20th century, the 21st century is the century of Data as the new resource to boost economies, transforming our lives both as a consumer and at work. 2015 to 2018 is a … Continue reading ...

Immersive Collaboration – Back to the future

Atos- Immersive Collaboration – Back to the futureIn the ‘good old days’ people would travel to their office, and everything they needed to work could be found there – including their colleagues. Things have changed and we are working in increasingly diverse, mobile and global teams, but, no matter where we are, we still need to be able to work with colleagues as easily as if they were in the same room.

Despite being separated by oceans, continents and time zones, today’s teams have to form close working relationships. This means mobility; the ability to collaborate from any environment – not just in voice, but also with other inter-connected sound, touch and sight elements. It means seamless collaboration, whereby you don’t need to push dozens of buttons, keep logging in or follow complicated processes. The emphasis should be on offering a face-to-face environment, allowing you to focus … Continue reading ...

Fast-forward to Smart living in 2020: One day in Digital Birmingham

What will life actually look like for citizens and businesses in 2020?
Once more I am delighted to introduce Raj Mack, Head of Digital Birmingham, who joins us today as a guest blogger to share his vision on the subject in relation to the city of Birmingham.
Albert Seubers, global strategy & business development ICT in Cities at Atos International.

Atos - Fast-forward to Smart living in 2020: One day in Digital Birmingham

Imagine living in a city that connects healthcare services to your home; measures parking fares based on current traffic levels and lets you pay for public transport with your smartphone. It might sound like something from Minority Report, but in Birmingham, we’re not that far from making these types of digital services a reality. In my last post, I discussed our vision for creating a connected, smart and people-led Birmingham and some of the projects we’re working on … Continue reading ...

Could connected cars be the next big tech revolution?

Atos - Could-connected-cars-be-the-next-big-tech-revolution--Francois-GatineauIf you were closely following this year’s CES show, it won’t have escaped you that connected cars were being hotly tipped to become the next big tech innovation. Today, just 10% of vehicles carry built-in connected, but by 2020, it will be an incredible 90%!

Adding connectivity to vehicles promises exciting possibilities for motorists, enhancing the overall driving experience and performance of the car. For manufacturers, connected cars open up vital new revenue streams and help increase customer loyalty. So what are some of the projects in progress today and what needs to be considered to ensure connected cars aren’t just another fad?

2015: The year for connected cars?

At CES 2015, 10 major car manufacturers demonstrated their latest in-car electronics and self-driving models. We saw Audi’s A7 driverless car travel over 550 miles, from San Francisco to Las … Continue reading ...

Putting People First in the Digital Workplace – Future of Work Part 3

Atos- Putting People First in the Digital Workplace - Future of Work Part 3The growing numbers of millennials in the workforce are setting new and high technological expectations of their employers. Almost three quarters expect to be able to modify and customize their work computer, and a third would choose social media freedom and device flexibility over a higher salary. So how will this affect talent in the future of work? Putting people first should be a given, but the digital workplace brings new challenges, three of which we discuss here.

Identifying digital talent

To be successful in the digital age, companies will require different skills from their employees, and need to adapt their workforce planning and development strategies to ensure they’re recruiting and training for these skills. We’re talking digital and transferable skills such as computational thinking, virtual collaboration and social intelligence. It’s about having the capability to make sense … Continue reading ...