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Analytics and the Power of 100%

Atos- Analytics and the Power of 100%Sure, you can buy a $14,000 Apple Watch to set an alarm and wake you up in the morning. But investing in that new technology to only do this is missing the point. I always get the same feeling about Data Analytics articles explaining the benefit is saving 1% of something. You see it a lot. Shaving pennies off the margin was the key message of an article on Big Data in an Economist article  in the Schumpeter section back in 2014.  Try and get a CEO fired up about using Big Data to save 1% on cost.

But go to CEO’s of the major payment companies out there who didn’t think of Square, and you’ll get their attention. Talk to the taxi companies having to deal with competing against Uber, which came out of nowhere to have a valuation Continue reading ...

Becoming Digitally Relevant – Encouraging a Digital Mindset in Enterprises

Atos - Becoming Digitally Relevant – Encouraging a Digital Mindset in Enterprises“Change is the enemy of the competent as it re-defines the safe place within which they dwell.” Jonathan MacDonald (@jmacdonald)

As any business leader will tell you, there is no sure-fire recipe for success. Business is, and has always been, about balancing risk with reward – playing it safe may have helped you survive, but it won’t allow you to thrive.

As the pace of change quickens organisations are under increasing pressure to think outside the usual confines or else face being left behind by more innovative and agile competitors. Digital Thinking is coming to the fore; while the IT department keeps the ship steady, other areas of the organisation must look to expand the way they do business, find new and exciting ways to deliver traditional services and keep the customer continually surprised.

Pushing Boundaries

Failure to … Continue reading ...

The Information Heist: Why it’s Time to get Serious about the Value of our Data

Atos - The Information Heist: Why it’s Time to get Serious about the Value of our DataWe are all witnessing some of the greatest thefts in history but few people seem to be taking note.

Numerous entities – ranging from individual hackers, dubious cyber-collectives, corporate bodies and even governments – are quite literally stealing everything from email data to design patents. Everything is at risk. Intellectual property and processes that have taken businesses decades to develop and refine can now be stolen in a few clicks.

New Thinking for Data Security

While traditionally a business has held its value in physical assets, today’s organisations are more than a collection of computers, buildings or staff. They are made up of ideas, knowledge and information. This presents a real problem: while physical assets can be secured via physical means, securing mission critical data is somewhat more elusive.

Take Fort Knox as an example: gold bullion is heavy, its … Continue reading ...

Future Talent – Anticipating the jobs of 2025

Atos - Future Talent – Anticipating the jobs of 2025Five years ago, social media interns hadn’t been recruited and Android didn’t have a Donut Developer. It’s difficult to imagine what the new job titles of the future will be but no doubt the third digital revolution, influenced by cloud, big data, mobility and social networks, will profoundly shape the jobs of 2025.

This IT revolution will force companies to re-imagine their corporate structures for the new digital world and many of us will find ourselves with new titles and new managers (Future Talent). Today’s schools are preparing young people for jobs that don’t even exist yet. Take England for example – last autumn, children as young as five began coding, dreaming up their own mini computer games. The curriculum has been developed to focus on transferable skills such as problem solving, maths modelling, coding and writing essays.

Israel became … Continue reading ...

A Guide to Multi-Sided Markets in the Digital Era

Atos - A Guide to Multi-Sided Markets in the Digital EraFrom the invention of the Gutenberg printing press to the rise of the steam engine; the development of new technologies and trends has been instrumental in shaping the world’s businesses opportunities.

Today, the increasing sophistication of IT services – helped immeasurably by the adoption of cloud computing and explosion in data volumes – is just the latest technology to create new commercial models. In particular, we are now seeing a rise in multi-sided markets.

A New Way of Operating

Unlike the traditional, one-sided approach – in which an organisation serves one set of customers – a multi sided market comprises numerous groups of stakeholders within a single ecosystem, all with their own distinct agendas. Importantly, this model requires interdependence, with everyone involved playing a critical role. eBay is a good example, using its trading platform to connect one set … Continue reading ...