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How supercomputers are impacting our daily lives

Atos - How supercomputers are impacting our daily livesFrom the skies to deep under the earth’s surface.

My colleague Xavier Vigouroux’s recently described the journey that supercomputers are taking, highlighting their progress in matching the processing power of the human brain. This might sound a little far-fetched, but supercomputers are already transforming ordinary people’s lives every day.

These incredible machines play a crucial role in everything from weather forecasts, designing cars that are safer to drive, as well as planes that are more cost effective to run. So what are some of the most exciting examples that scientists and engineers are working on today?

Understanding ageing processes and their relationship to disease

Genomic therapy and personalised medicine are now recognised as powerful tools. But the explosion of biomedical information requires a huge increase in the processing capability to analyse this data. For instance, the European Bioinformatics Institute’s … Continue reading ...

Establishing health and happiness at work

Atos- The Future of Work – 5 ways we’ll be working in 2020It’s no surprise that having a happy workforce runs hand in hand with running a successful business. Employees that enjoy their work and are healthy in mind and body will be more motivated and productive than those that aren’t. However, workforces across the world are having to cope with increasing workloads and demands, leading to more stress.

A study by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work found that 25 percent of employees in Europe felt stressed at work all or most of the time, and the same percentage again admitted that work had a negative impact on their health. Another study, from Gallup, found that just 13 percent of employees across 142 countries were psychologically engaged at work, translating into hundreds of billions in lost earnings, a figure it put at nearly €300 bn every year. … Continue reading ...

Sustainability navigation: A better (rail)way?

Atos - Sustainability navigation: A better (rail)way?

A sustainability hero of mine is Ray Anderson, the former Founder and Chief Executive of Interface Inc. I was lucky enough to meet Ray in 2005, when he gave a talk in London regarding his organisation’s efforts to climb “mount sustainability”. His softly spoken drawl from the southern states of America had a way of making this climb seem achievable, almost easy.

Climbing this mountain does pose challenges and that’s for sure, as illustrated by a recent article in the FT looking at the business case for sustainability i.e. the link from environmental and social activities to economic outcomes. This is a highly complex relationship and the modern manager does not have an easy straightforward path when making this climb.

Recently I re-read some of Ray’s insights from his speech. It seemed to me that the summary of his … Continue reading ...

The Science Cloud: Helix Nebula in Action

Atos - The Science Cloud: Helix Nebula in ActionIt should come as no surprise that cutting-edge science requires cutting edge technology. However, until recently, for many of Europe’s scientific powerhouses, the commercial offerings simply couldn’t meet the high data compliance standards and huge computing demands for its research projects, or certainly not from European sources. Following requests from the research community a number of leading IT providers – including Atos, through Canopy, – began development of the Helix Nebula platform back in 2012.

Known as the Science Cloud, Helix Nebula includes a marketplace in which Europe’s top scientific institutions can take advantage of cloud-based infrastructure and applications on a flexible basis, to complete their ground-breaking research. The Helix Nebula Marketplace is now open for business and has been adding to its customer roster since the launch back in May 2014.

In my role at Atos I’ve spent … Continue reading ...

The Imitation Game; and the algorithms of the future

Atos - The Imitation Game; and the algorithms of the futureI’m so excited. My son has just started learning about algorithms; in what they now call “Decision Mathematics”. The reason I’m so excited is that, despite his predilection for sport, I am still hoping that he is just about to find his inner geek!

We (and I mean Atos here, but that’s not meant to be an overt advert – I’m just using this as a real example) have applied algorithms; really applied them; to the solutions we deliver for our customers. From fraud detection to planning the schedules for football league matches, scoring systems for the Olympic Games and managing the countryside – algorithms are everywhere, helping us solve problems and making the world a better place.

Perhaps my favourite algorithms are those that solve the seemingly impossible. Problems in computing that are so computationally difficult – they “explode” … Continue reading ...